Wife And Mother Breaks Down “Mum Code” For Men Everywhere

All parents know that raising children, working, and keeping the house in running order are no easy tasks on their own, but somehow they manage to do them all at once.

When you are always “going,” making sure that all of your responsibilities are tended to as well as taking care of the needs of you children, sometimes you forget to put some time aside for yourself, or for your significant other.

When you are constantly being pulled in different directions, romance can tend to get pushed aside.

It happens to most parents, you have to put off date night one week for a kid-related obligation and the next thing you know, it has been months since you last had a night alone with your spouse.

The good news is that one good date night can make up for all of the ones you have missed…especially if it involves surprising your significant other with a puppy like one man did for his wife on their anniversary.

And just like anything in life that gets you down, the best way to get over it is to turn it into a joke, just like funny mom and wife, Emily Wright did when she made this video about the rules of “Mum Code“!

You’ll just have to watch below to truly appreciate the logic behind this hilarious video!

Source; Emily Wright

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Sarah Rose
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