What Happens When You Set Tether Ball Up In The Middle Of The Forest

Try to think of this one, what if you leave a tether ball and a camera in the middle of a forest? What do you think would happen? Me neither… but who knew it could be so amazing? And for an answer to the question Check out this incredible video too see what happens when the angry ram decides he wants to play – you won’t believe your eyes!

In the video below, it starts off with a guy strolling through the forest, casually holding a tether-ball in his hand. He hangs it up over a path, sets up a camera and he is off. Hours later, a bunch of rams start to run down the path, most of them going right past the tether-ball. But one particular ram stops right in his tracks, seemingly fascinated by this unnatural thing hanging from the trees. Watch the video.

So what do you think of this one? Sound off your comments below. And also, do share this post with your family and friends online.

Source: Angry Ram

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Sarah Rose
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