This Dog Spending Her Last Day Playing In Snow Will Make You Bawl Like A Baby

It’s difficult for any person when their beloved pet gets sick. Watching as your best friend suffers and knowing you can’t do a thing about it is a terrible feeling. You wish you could do just about anything, any tiny thing, to make your fur baby feel better. One dog mom did just that.

This is Sophie. Two months ago she was diagnosed with bone cancer. She’d been lethargic and depressed for weeks, but then her mom, Alyson Page, had a genius idea. So Page contacted a local indoor skiing facility on the off chance they might be interested in giving her sweet pup, who helped her mom through many hard times, one last snow day. Sophie got to play in her favorite thing on her last day with her family. She was put down the next day.

It’s heartwrenching in the best way to see this pup’s tail wagging during a difficult battle with cancer. This is a memory that everyone in the Page family will cherish when they remember Sophie, and it serves as a reminder to us to fully enjoy the little things while there’s time.

Source: Press Association

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