The Pygmy Jerboa Is The World’s Cutest Animal That You Didn’t Know Existed

Discovering new things in the world always keeps scientists on their toes. From technological breakthroughs to newly discovered species, these additions to science help us better understand our planet, save lives, and sometimes just make people’s days a little bit brighter.

Though the pygmy jerboa is not a new species by any means, it is still unknown to most. We aim to change that right now, because everyone needs this adorable little ball of fur in their lives, and that’s a fact!

The pygmy jerboa is actually a rodent, and if you couldn’t tell, it’s the smallest one in the world. They’re mostly found in Pakistan, and they like living in deserts.

Now that you know about them, perhaps it’s time to travel eastward to see them in person. Just look at it! How could you not want these little guys running around at your feet?

Source: 萌え萌えチャンネル

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