Judge Orders Man To Marry Girlfriend Or Face Jail Time

An East Texas judge is on the hot seat after sentencing a man to marry his girlfriend as part of his sentence. Josten Bundy must also write Bible verses and get counseling if he would like to avoid jail time.

It’s strange, but there have been other unusual punishments, like the woman who abandoned kittens in the woods and was then sentenced to spend a night in the woods alone.

It all started when Bundy got into a physical altercation with his girlfriend Elizabeth Jaynes’s ex-boyfriend.

“[The ex-boyfriend] had been saying disrespectful things about Elizabeth, so I challenged him to a fight,” said Bundy. “He stepped in and I felt like it was on and I hit him in the jaw twice.”

While the ex-boyfriend didn’t need medical attention, he did press charges against Bundy, who is remorseful.

“I took matters into my own hands and I know that’s wrong,” Bundy said. “I know I was raised better, but it happened.”

In court, Judge Randall Rogers asked Bundy, “Is she worth it?” To which Bundy responded, “I said, well to be honest, sir, I was raised with four sisters and if any man was talking to a woman like that,” recalled Bundy, “I’d probably do the same thing.”

Judge Rogers then told Bundy that he had to marry Jaynes. If Bundy were to reject the probation he would have to face 15 days in jail. So Bundy did what he had to: right there in court, he got on one knee and proposed.

“My face was so red, people behind me were laughing,” said Jaynes. While the young couple is in love, they were a little miffed that they didn’t get the big wedding they had always imagined.

“It just felt like we weren’t going to be able to have the wedding we wanted,” said Jaynes. “It was just going to be kind of pieced together, I didn’t even have a white dress.”

Source: VivaHD

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