Hilarious! A Monkey Who Loves To Kiss The Cat

When the Youtube is thronged with videos celebrating inter-species friendships between dogs and foxes, lions and buffaloes, and what not, then why should inter-species love stories be left behind? Since you do find the friendship between a dog and an elephant cute, let us see what you have to say about this monkey and cat love affair!

This monkey seems totally enamored with this beautiful grey and white cat. Look how he hugs the cat and tries to kiss her on the lips! But looks like kitty is not as much in love with the little simian—she is resisting his amorous advances. So what?

Mr. Monkey is not someone to give up so easily, come what may, he will try his best to win over his lady love! He is so crazy about kitty, he stalks her! Enough is enough little monkey, or the cat may sue you for molestation!

Mingling and spending some time playing together between different types of animals is something with which we all are used to but this monkey and cat take this camaraderie to a whole new level!

Source: IngaPersonalTrainer

Sarah Rose
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