Do You Have Imaginary Friend?

We both know that there cannot be enough ways to prank someone and the reality is that you might never be able to try out all the pranks that exist in the world but this one here might not be too hard to carry out!

Some really cool guy invented this absolutely harmless way of pranking people, making them gasp in amazement and this is exactly what people’s reaction is in the video. We are not going to give out the fun in here, guess you would have to see for yourself what it is all about; all we can give away is that it involves Hollywood Walk of Fame, a camera phone and an IMAGINARY FRIEND!

We advise you that please don’t work too hard on it, simply click the video and unravel what the mystery is for yourself and if you have it in you then fool your friends and family with a similar trick!

Try to imagine the scene. You’re on the Hollywood Boulevard (stay with us, here) when, on the Walk of Fame, a tourist asks you to take their photo… with their imaginary friend. That would be bizarre enough, we’re sure you’d agree. But what if their imaginary friend then appeared in the photo?

Source: MagicofRahat

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Sarah Rose
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I am Sarah Rose 21 years old, living a happy-married life. I love reading & watching inspirational stories and share them to uplift someone’s spirit. I believed that no failure is great when God extends His Grace. Praying for everyone’s life success! God Bless us all