Best Of Ukraine Got Talent

Did you know that Michael Jackson has reincarnated and his dancing skills are better than ever this time?—you heard us right, he is now a very special hippo puppet in Ukraine! If you do not believe us then you better watch this video and see it for yourself.

This is a clipping from Ukraine’s Got Talent and this puppet dance will blow your mind because it is so perfect and well synchronized that it will fool you into thinking for a minute that the puppet probably controls itself. No wonder all the judges were left flabbergasted; they could not stop laughing as the whole act is tremendously cute and adorable!

We have no clue if the act got three YES or not but it sure did deserve it; you will say the same thing by the time you finish watching this super talented puppet dance!

Any description will not do justice to this amazingly talented performance. Watch yourself and enjoy!!

Source: Pradeep Nilagiri

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