Babies With Dogs: Cute Compilation

Babies are cute and so are animals. Get ready for a double dose of cuteness as this video brings to you a funny and heartwarming compilation of baby and animal clips. Feel your heart fill with warmth as their adorable antics put a smile on your lips.

This black kitty can’t bear to see her human sibling crying and gently strokes the baby back to sleep. How sweet this little dog is who thinks he ought to keep the sleeping baby warm by lovingly covering her with a blanket! And what is this beautiful feline up to, does he think he can smell milk on the baby’s breath?

Envy the lucky little girl who has a cuddly lion cub for a pet and smile at this upset kid who seeks comfort by hugging her kitten even as her dog tries to reassure her.

We dare you to keep a straight face as you watch this beautiful and adorable mingling of babies and super cute animals.

Source: funnyplox

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Sarah Rose
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