Fusion Viral Video

Seeking contributing writers!

We are creating a unique and compelling watering hole, designed to attract and satiate the intense lovers of content – be it creating, curating, consuming or sharing – and now we’re looking for external contributing writers.

We’re seeking a handful of contributors at the local level to produce interesting and relevant posts across the US, Canada, Central America, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific (Australia/NZ). This is a cool opportunity for freelance writers and professional content creators to become our ongoing go-to contributor in a region. And yes, writers rejoice – these can eventually become paid contributor spots. 🙂

You’ll be recognised on Fusion Viral Video as the local contributing writer and your work will be read by a ever-growing community of content lovers. Pieces will be published with a byline and any links you desire.

Writers should be:

  • Currently working as an independent writer, editor or content producer
  • Able to contribute at least two long-form (~500-word-plus posts) essay-style pieces and one short-form (curated lists or multimedia-driven) posts per month
  • Dependable, consistent and turn around copy on time
  • Completely across trends in digital, creative, startups, marketing, web/mobile, city happenings, career hacking, productivity, work-life happiness, urban geekiness and so forth in their region
  • Not too into themselves and a lover of high accuracy – this isn’t the place for loosely-researched opinion pieces
  • Fun, intelligent and insightful – we like to educate and entertain
  • Set-up to take payment from a Belize International Business Corporation. (if you qualify as a paid contributing writer, payment will range from $20 to $150 per post depending on a variety of factors)

Writers will be required to:

  • Know how to research their own stories and provide all sourcing references
  • Know how to Post Articles using WordPress interface (we will provide login credentials once approved)
  • Know how to Post to a Facebook Page use Power Editor in Facebook (which means you must already have Ads Manager configured for your personal Facebook profile)

Please email the following through to info@fusionmediamarketing.co:

  • Your website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and portfolio
  • Links to examples of your three best published articles
  • Three example headlines of stories you would submit
  • Thee examples of brands, startups or individuals doing great things in your area
  • Why you want to be a contributing writer for Fusion Viral Video

We look forward to reviewing them there! We’ll do our best to respond to all applications and appreciate your time. 🙂

The Seven Conditions of Writing for Fusion Viral Video

1. Author Qualification

  • Authors attest that they have never been prosecuted for or sued about any content-related issue, and that they have never been barred from writing at any other publisher or convicted of a felony.

2. Disclosure of Positions

  • Authors agree to disclose the existence at the time of writing of any involvement with, as an owner, officer, employee, shareholder or any paid involvement of any kind with any subject of the content about which you are writing.
  • Authors may not write about any company or their stock with the intention to boost or reduce the stock’s price and sell (or buy) the stock into the resulting strength or weakness.
  • If the author intends at the time or writing to sell or buy a stock within three days of publication of an article that discusses that stock, the author must disclose this.

3. Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest

  • Authors agree to disclose any material relationships with companies whose stocks they write about or parties that stand to gain in any way from the viewpoint they are outlining. Examples: authors must disclose if they are employed by a company whose stock they are writing about; perform consulting for a company they write about; receive paid advertising revenue or any other form of sponsorship fee from a company they write about. This applies to narrow asset classes as well. For example, if an author is paid to promote a gold dealer, that must be disclosed in any article about gold.

4. Non-Infringement of Copyright

  • Authors must attest that any articles submitted for publication to Fusion Viral Video are their own work and do not infringe upon the rights of any other party. If other sources are quoted, the source must be cited and the quote must be within fair use.

5. Commitment to Accuracy

  • Authors must certify that all facts in articles submitted toFusion Viral Video are accurate to the best of his/her knowledge.

6. Inappropriate Promotion and Other Material

  • Authors’ web sites, which Fusion Viral Video will be asked to link to, may not contain any illegal or offensive material, such as racism and pornography.
  • Authors must substantiate any claims about their journalistic track records on their web sites, if such claims are made.
  • Authors may not make any guarantees or explicit predictions regarding the content of any article.
  • Authors’ web sites must not contain misleading or excessively promotional language.

7. Anonymity and Accountability

  • Authors must provide their real names and contact information to Fusion Viral Video, even if they intend their articles to be published anonymously.