Annual Competition Features Wedding Dresses Made Out Of Toilet Paper

While wedding dresses are often made of materials like silk, chiffon, or satin, an annual Charmin competition proves that they could look just as fabulous when made with one unexpected household item: toilet paper.

That’s right, tons of contestants have stepped up to the challenge to make a wedding gown using only Charmin toilet paper, glue, tape, a needle, and thread. We’ve seen people make their own dresses before, like Kyemah McEntyre’s now viral prom dress, but nothing as unusual as these toilet paper creations.

The winner of 2015 was Donna Pope Vincler, who used 22 rolls of toilet paper and spent about three months making the dress. Her gown — featured in the video below — had a special top hat along with a removable train and jacket.

It’s amazing how strong glue and toilet paper could be,” she said. “Actually, after I made it I was hitting on it like a drum cause you could play it.”

Sisters Susan Bain and Laura Gawne started the competition in 2005 as a way to promote their website It has since taken off.

This contest has grown immensely over the last ten years and we are always in awe of the beautiful gowns that are created by the contestants,” Bain said. “We specialize in making weddings chic on a budget but these designs often surpass even our imaginations!”

Source: IBTimes UK

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